My hope for my art practice is to provoke questions from the viewer, as to what the piece might be addressing, or to create some feeling of recognition on a conscious or unconscious level. As humans we strive for connections to other persons on a non-superficial level; to connect to deep rooted emotions of longing, loss and disappointment or conversely of hope, humor and desire. Naturally, we seek out shared experiences or contemplations.

When such emotions and reactions resonate with another human being it fulfills something within us that we desire more than anything.

We all have preconceived ideas and notions that evolve over time and the experiences that shape us. I am interested in self-reflection as well as observation, in exploring what I may have hoped something might be and the changing reality of what our personal journeys become. Love, desire, dreams, the changing landscape, memory, death, loss, conflict, hypocrisy are all themes that interest me. My practice deals primarily with culture, similarity and difference, and looking at cultural aspects through a different lens. It is in the moments working alone in the studio where it seems easier to seek a different level of truth.

– Karen Pilosof